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Why Work at Growthways?

Staff Testimonials:

“I was able to complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree while working. Twenty-seven years later, I am still at Growthways and the benefits are great!” L.R.
“What I love about Growthways is that the people we serve always come first!” T.M.
“ Working at Growthways gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. I’m making a difference in peoplecs lives, and every day is different!” W.S.
“As a full-time college student, I was worried about finding a job that would fit into my already busy schedule. Growthways allows me to easily balance work, school and extra-curricular activities.” S.S.
“I’ve been in the field for 35 years, and this agency is the best I’ve ever worked for.” M.G.
“The part-time position I have at Growthways is just perfect for my family’s busy schedule. Working two evenings and one overnight shift fits in great, and it’s close by so I don’t have to travel far” A.B.

Excellent jobs are available in both entry-level (no experience required) and supervisory positions. Ideal candidates possess a strong team approach, positive attitude, and a commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

For employees working 20 or more hours per week:

  • Eligible for health insurance: HMO Tufts or PPO Tufts. For full-time Growthways pays 75% and there is no wait period (part-time contribution is pro-rated)
  • Eligible for dental insurance; Growthways contributes 50% of the premium
  • Free Long term Disability insurance
  • Free Term Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Plan (pre-tax medical and dependent care expenses)
  • Automatic payroll deductions to Credit Union Account
  • 403b Retirement Plan
  • Paid training
  • Tuition Remission program for employees working 30 or more hours
  • 22-credit Direct Support Certificate at local colleges
  • Accrual of paid time off vacation, sick, holiday and personal time (part-time only receives vacation and sick time)
  • Convenient schedules are available at many locations (part-time & full-time)

    For information on current openings please call our Employment Recruiter at ext. 19, or stop in Monday - Thursday between 9:30 and 4:30 to fill out an application. We prefer if you have a resume with you. We do not send out job listings. You may also apply by sending an email with a completed application form attached.

    Our application process has 4 steps:
    1. Application, available here to download as a fillable pdf :Application
    Download and fill it out, then save and email the saved file as an attachment to
    CHROME users: Saving an updated pdf form requires an option that was moved to the Print menu. The regular Save or Download only saves the blank form. Go to print, look a few lines below the Print button, there is a button for 'Change Destination'. Click on that, it will open up a list of possible printers, and one of them will be an option for 'Save As PDF'. Select that one, and the button that used to say 'Print' will change to 'Save'. Click on 'Save' to open the standard dialog box for saving the PDF under a new name, in any folder that you want. The saved pdf will now contain the information you entered. Click here for a screenshot of the setup.

    2. Phone interview, in-person interview and a written screening test.
    No assistance or translation is allowed to be given to applicants. The test is then given to the Human Resources Coordinator for review. If the results are not satisfactory, the applicant will be mailed a letter stating that we cannot consider him or her for employment.
    U.S. Citizen: A current Drivers License and your Social Security card.
    If you are not a U.S. Citizen: Green Card (Alien Registration), Passport, Social Security card and a Drivers License are required.
    Job References: The application requires job references. This means you must bring with you the names and addresses for two of your previous or current supervisors. References must have worked with you at another job, and not just be friends or family. You must provide their name, complete address including zip code, and telephone number. It is helpful to alert your references that they will be called by Growthways.
    NOTE: If you do not bring in the required identification: Drivers License, Social Security Card and Green Card (if applicable) or if the application is not completed properly, you will not be considered for employment.

    3. Reference and Record Checks: If the application is satisfactory, then the Criminal Record check (CORI) is done, and the references are contacted. We must be able to make contact with all three references in order to consider you for employment. Please allow at least a week to ten days before calling us to check on the status of your application, as it takes time for us to get the criminal record and to contact the references.

    4. Final Interview(s): After the reference check, applicants for regular positions are scheduled for an interview with the Executive Director. During this interview the Executive Director will schedule a time when the applicant can meet with the Program Manager of the residence where the position is located (applicants for relief work do not meet with the Executive Director and are directly scheduled to interview with a Program Manager). All applicants must meet with a Program Manager and have a visit with the individuals who live in the residence before they will be offered a position. A decision to hire into a specific position is made after a review of the visit at the residence.

    Click here for a full email screen for your comments and questions :

    Volunteer Program

    Growthways welcomes members of the community to join our team by volunteering with adults with intellectual disabilities. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available. Each volunteer experience is designed to meet the needs of the individuals involved, and each commitment is unique. If you like to read, do crafts, watch sports, discuss current events, or cook, and would like to share your interests, please call us!

    The following is a list of the positions we offer at Growthways:
    Client Educator/Direct Care Staff: Client Educators support individuals with developmental disabilities in their homes, helping them reach their full potential in the areas of skill development, community membership, relationships, health, and self-advocacy. These concepts are integrated into each person’s Individual Support Plan (I.S.P.) via the goals, interventions, and daily activities schedule. The primary goal is to teach individuals to be as independent as possible. Client Educators assist individuals with things such as meal preparation, community outings, and doctor’s appointments. In addition, they teach individuals daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning and gardening. We have full time, part time, and relief positions available.
    Relief Staff: Relief staff also provide direct care services to individuals in a residential setting, but on an as needed or on call basis. Relief staff are able to work in more than one residential program and have the flexibility of making choosing from available shifts.
    Assistant Program Manager: Assistant Managers are responsible for assisting the Residential Program Manager in running the program. In addition to providing direct care to all individuals, Assistant Managers would be responsible for tasks such as advocacy at medical appointments, training new staff, shopping, and ISP implementation. Assistant Managers are also responsible for data input of financials and client progress notes.
    Residential Program Manager: Residential Program Managers are responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the home. They ensure the quality of care, supervision, support and training to all individuals. They assist individuals in accessing preferred community activities and ensure that all individuals receive appropriate medical care. Managers provide leadership to a team of residential staff and ensure that all staff treat individuals with respect and dignity.
    Specialized Home Care Provider: Specialized Home Care Providers open their home to an individual with developmental disabilities to live with them and include them in their home and family life. Providers would support individuals to pursue personal interests, hobbies, leisure and recreational activities, as well as teach them how to live more independently at home and in the community. For example, a provider may teach an individual how to cook, do laundry, get ready for work in the morning, take care of one’s health, interact with family members, and handle money.
    Respite Care Provider: Respite care providers give temporary care to an individual in their own home. The length of time can vary depending on the situation and the individual’s needs.
    For more information regarding job opportunities and careers at Growthways, please contact:

    Training and Development

    One of the great benefits of working at Growthways is the comprehensive training and development opportunities that our employees receive!
    Paid Trainings: there are a number of mandatory trainings that each employee must attend when they are hired. Growthways pays employees to attend these trainings, which include:
    Basic First Aid and CPR
    Introduction to Growthways I and II
    Introduction to Teaching and Learning
    Basic Health and Safety with Vital Signs
    Behavior Modification
    Dual Diagnosis
    In addition to the mandatory trainings, there are always interesting opportunities being offered outside of Growthways. These trainings serve the purpose of providing a fulfilling work experience while furthering education and abilities in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. For more information about trainings offered outside of Growthways, please visit the Department of Developmental Services website.
    Tuition Remission Program:
    The tuition remission program allows eligible employees to take college courses tuition-free, thus working towards a Bachelor’s degree while earning money in a rewarding career. Class selection is not limited to course on Human Services, and taking advantage of the tuition remission program can benefit you in a number of ways:
    Improve your job performance and skills in working with individuals with developmental disabilities;
    Obtain your college degree while you work in the human service field;
    Advance your career by taking college classes.

    Direct Support Certificate Program:
    This is an educational program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of direct support professionals by giving them the opportunity to attend college courses as a group and to learn and practice skills that are important to their daily work. You can complete this program in just one year. Courses are scheduled in a way that makes it easier for direct support staff to fit the program into a busy week.
    The program is rewarding, challenging, and designed to help direct support staff further their knowledge and skills, and ultimately lead to a more fulfilling work experience.

    Growthways offers internships that provide college students and recent graduates with a valuable and rewarding experience working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities. The interns are given the opportunity to work in multiple settings, and will learn about all aspects of working with adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition, interns will receive comprehensive training and support, as well as many opportunities to network with professionals in the human service field.
    Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. Please email a letter of interest and/or resume.
    41 North Pearl Street Brockton MA 02301
    Phone: (508) 941-6505
    Fax: (508) 583-7651